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Anonymous20: You're right 9. It is exactly the same stuff. Only they repackaged it so it could be sold for much more
Anonymous93: i actually love the obey your body products this website use to sell them , i called the company and was informed obeyyourbodyskincare was selling counterfeits and was taken down by the company
Anonymous93: if you actually would complain just call genome cosmetics
Anonymous96: I have been doing some research and it seems that your company, or the sales team that works for you company, operates 'bulling sales tactics'. There are many complaints on line to back this up. If the sales team are working on commission, which is the only explanation for heavy handed sales pitches, then you are to blame for this situation.
Anonymous96: I am extremely annoyed with how my husband felt after he paid for these ludicrously over priced creams. The first thing he did immediately after the sale, was call me from the airport to tell me what had happened as he was completely confused about how much money he had just spent.
Anonymous96: The sales assistant Mika, stopped my husband and noticed that he had Rosacea, (in my husband case mild at the moment). She then gave her speech about his condition and what creams he would benefit from using to control his illness. Great sales pitch to a very tired business man who is extremley sensitive about his skin condition.
Anonymous98: Hi
Anonymous138: Scamminishock
Anonymous257: Havent had response from you.
Anonymous257: Better business bureau can probably send a comment form for me to register my experience with OYB, and fraudulent practice
Anonymous257: Regards. Ann Downs
Anonymous392: what a load of bollocks you all talk!
Anonymous469: 22nd January I bought orb hand cream, I have just read the packaging and it's out of date,I am taking it back see if I get refundflower
Anonymous477: well took it back got my money back and reported them to management at the mall as all their hand cream is out of dateflower
Anonymous496: Good for youfools
Anonymous496: I'm waiting for a call back from The manager
Anonymous594: Horrible service!!!!!!!!! Sending an email to the highest person I can find. Very disappointed. Had to travel from one mall to another, because no one knew what they were doing.
Anonymous595: Hola, Buenas noches.
Anonymous595: Yesterday I bought some cosmetics after several skin test in shop.
Anonymous595: But I found peeling gel and day cream really really really don't fit with my skin type.
Anonymous595: So I want to get refund.
Anonymous595: Please tell me how to get refund.
Anonymous684: We have them here in South Africa too! So annoying, I spent at least half an hour at the mall today telling the incredibly aggressive sales guy that I'm not interested. He kept trying all these creams and scrubs on my hands, their diamond nail buffs etc... Kept saying stuff about rosacea bla bla. The whole "wait, just for you, but don't tell anyone, the lady just before you didn't want
Anonymous684: ......her free gift, so if you buy this scrub, and this body Butter at the low low price of......" Seriously annoying
Anonymous684: Went and pretended to type something in the computer, came back with "just for you, I can split the order, so you only pay 699 and this one is 299...." check online later, that's still more than they retail for
Anonymous690: What mall in S. Africa?
Anonymous722: 28/01/2016: Went to Bay West Mall in Port Elizabeth - told her I dont want to buy the stuff - Ask her the price, and she said:R2 000 and something. Same product on line R390 - Shame on them !!!angry
Anonymous1020: Product: Nail Kit (which included body cream).I purchased this item at Liverpool Airport on way to Spanish holiday on 30 December. I used the body cream the first day, the following day I came out in a very aggressive rash all around the back and front of my neck and down my chest and on my arms.
Anonymous1020: Spolt my holiday as I was very, very uncomfortable and the rash burnt. On return to England 6 days later I went to doctor who game me a steroid cream and said rash was due to using a cream on my body, which obviosly was the Obey your Body Cream.
Anonymous1221: I was called a b***h because I didn't want to buy the products and told the seller I wanted to think about it! Amsterdam blush

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